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For hundreds of years, women have suffered with pain and mood swings from PMS, Menopause and Endometriosis. The choices in the medical world have been pretty limited with such drugs like Midol,Tylenol,Motrin and so on. I'm not knocking these over the counter drugs they can serve it's purpose. And they have been available for many years, but the effects don't last long and frankly it's not enjoyable to swallow pills daily. Continuously using over the counter meds such as these can also wreak havoc on your stomach. Thankfully we can now access Medicinal Cannabis to help relieve these symptoms if we choose to do so, and it is much easier for our bodies to absorb with a longer lasting effect. As a woman I can say it is nice to have more options with how we choose to medicate ourselves... we are getting there :)

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Below I have a link to a story I read recently. I think you will enjoy the read.

written by: Amanda Siebert