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More and more seniors everyday, are taking back control for their daily pain management. They are tired of the over the counter and prescription drugs, all the pills and side effects. Not to mention the chance of having an opioid addiction. So what are they doing? 

They are turning to a natural pain relief, Medicinal Cannabis. In the United States, seniors are the fastest growing population using Cannabis. They are taking back there lives and choosing not to use drugs from the big pharmaceutical companies. They are educating themselves despite the stigma they grew up with. They are happier, and are able to do daily activities and hobbies that they enjoy by relieving there pain using medicinal Cannabis, without the side effects. 

I recently watched a great episode of The Doctors, and they showed seniors going to a dispensary to get there Medicinals :). These seniors are very inspiring!

I have attached the episode below, and let me know what you think.